Why we do what we do

We believe any transformation should be smooth and disruption-free.

While Industry 4.0 brings about digital transformation driven by emerging technologies like IIoT, AI, AR/VR, and Big Data, we never lose sight of the fact that human cognizance and manual interventions are vital cogs in discrete industrial operations.

We, at Regere, aim to power this transformation by providing human-centric technology solutions. By empowering the people, we hope to make the greatest disruption a part of the cultural fabric of the enterprise.

How we do it

Manufacturers face immense challenges across their value chain — uncertainty in supplies, fluctuating market demands, constraints in resources — while trying to keep their production lines running. All this while constantly looking to expand their margins and meeting their goals.

Regere helps manufacturers constantly improve on their baseline by tuning their systems so that they manage their constraints effectively and achieve a 'golden balance' that is unique to the enterprise.

What it does

Regere's connected thread weaves products and processes together to enable manufacturers to have complete situational awareness of their plant. Most importantly it empowers them to act on decisions.

- Regere brings in the visibility across your resources and process that helps reduce capture and transfer latency.
- The powerful AI engine reduces synthesis latency.
- The turn-by-turn guidance and contextual nudges enables manufacturers take timely decisions reducing decision latency.

This ensures that they extract the best business value possible.

Regere's intelligent decision making powered by data analysis and complex multi-variate, hybrid simulations enables manufacturers move sure-footedly towards their goal that is unique to their enterprise.

Regere enables operational dexterity by effectively controlling the levers of man, machine, material and method to the finest granularity. This allows manufacturers to maximize their outcomes given their specific constraints and situations.

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